By Modern Molly Mormon Founder Jessica "Untypically Jia" Woodruff 

When I first started Modern Molly Mormon I was inactive and trying to come back to full activity in the Church. My inactivity wasn't due to one reason or another, and I hadn't transgressed dramatically. I wasn't on bad terms with the Church and I still believed. I believed everything. But somehow, little by little I just stopped going. On lazy Sunday turned into two. Soon I was accepting jobs that required me to work. I stopped reading my scriptures everyday, and eventually, I stopped praying all together. Little by little.

Modern Molly Mormon was supposed to help bring me back. And it did. Little by little.

The reason I wanted to make the site in the first place were to help build faith. To break the stereotype of Mormon women. To show that we aren't perfect. Because perfection isn't a state of being, it's a pathway.

And Modern Molly Mormon is also about growth. So in Spring of 2011 the reigns were handed over to Marie, the current Modern Molly Mormon - to take the site and it's followers to newer heights.

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