Advertising and PR

Thanks for your interest in advertising with Modern Molly Mormon.

Site Stats: (Updated September 17th, 2011)

Monthly Page Views: 4,009
GFC Followers: 383
Google Subscribers: 600
Facebook Fans: 143

Advertising Prices:

1 Month - $20
3 Months - (15% Discount) $51
6 Months - (25% Discount) $90
9 Months - (40% Discount) $108
1 Year - (50% Discount) $120

I also offer free monthly advertising to those who donate items over $25 to a giveaway. For any one item over $25 you get one month of free advertising.

Sponsors are listed on my sidebar and get their choice of a 125x125 button, or a linked text ad.

Review Policy:

I am open to review products at my discretion. I will not review any product that is offensive or inappropriate. For product reviews, the product will not be returned and is shipped at your expense in exchange for my honest opinion in a one post review including pictures. Included in the post will be a link to my disclosure policy. 

If you are interested in an advertisement/review with Modern Molly Mormon please send an email to with your request and please specify that you want to advertise on this website.